Martin Ventures provides capital, operational support and mentoring to entrepreneurs who want to be catalysts for change.  Focusing primarily on healthcare and technology initiatives, Martin Ventures’ unique approach allows the leadership of our portfolio companies to more acutely focus on the optimal execution of their vision and strategy while quickly scaling and growing their businesses into successful, profitable organizations.  To learn more about Martin Ventures, download our Fact Sheet which highlights selected investments.


Martin Ventures offers more than capital. We have deep understanding, relationships and institutional knowledge of each stakeholder in the healthcare system. Our understanding of the realities of healthcare, coupled with the passion and experience of our founder and our team members, makes us an ideal business partner for those who share our purpose.


Our Core Beliefs say a lot about what makes us tick. They guide the decisions we make, the individuals we work with and the companies we support. Our Core Beliefs aren’t just words on a page, but the way we approach business every day.

Dislodge the Status Quo: Only through risk-taking can we drive successful innovation.

Invest in People: Our value is in the people we hire and the partners we choose.

Practice what you Preach: Integrity and high moral standards are critical to achieving goals.

Focus on Doing One Thing Really Well: Do one thing really well, do it better than everyone else and remember that pursuing excellence is a starting point not an ending point.

Execution is the Key to Success: When need, opportunity, strategy and precise execution meet purpose, success is inevitable.