Embolden Health Partners is the consulting arm of Martin Ventures. We created Embolden as a result of organizations who have reached out to us seeking expertise to explore ways to transform themselves in any number of ways; including, partnerships with other organizations, build/buy decisions, evaluating out-of-the-box approaches to thrive and endure in an uncertain economic and healthcare climate, or spanning the chasm of what is and what is to be.  What drives us is our belief that the healthcare system is broken.  We firmly believe that the delivery of healthcare can be accomplished by reducing costs and improving quality outcomes all while enhancing the health care experience for consumers.  Our clients include academic medical centers, stand-alone hospitals and other healthcare organizations.  

The team at Embolden brings over 30 years of experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions, operational assessment and the execution of turnaround plans, service line development, co-management agreements with hospitals, post-acute care strategy and network operations, financial performance improvement and many others.

Mergers and Acquisitions – includes stand-alone hospital acquisitions to physician practice and physician group acquisitions, to multibillion dollar health system mergers.

Operational Assessments – includes execution and development of turnaround plans ranging from single stand-alone hospitals to multi-billion dollar health systems.

Strategic Service Line Development – encompasses development of over 75 clinical service line strategic plans and assistance in the execution of those plans for every major clinical service line ranging from small stand-alone hospitals to major health systems with interconnectivity of service lines across a broad geographic region.

Physician Practice Assessment and Development – includes developing co-management relationships with hospital partners, joint venture opportunities, and financial performance improvement and payer relations opportunities.

Network Development – encompasses tiered and narrow network development, build-out of post-acute care, risk partnerships and network models.

Post-Acute Care –  includes operational and market assessments, growth and alignment strategies, and development of operating entities, cross-continuum PAC networks, hospital and provider partnerships and value-based reimbursement models.