Clockwise.MD raises $1M to expand wait time platform to labs, primary care practices

As published in Med City News, September 15, 2015


Part of the consumerization of healthcare involves helping people quantify the wait time for appointments. Clockwise.MD’s app is squarely in that space. Founder and CEO Michael Burke told MedCity News about the $1 million in funding it received from Martin Ventures to add staff and expand its app beyond the urgent care space.

Burke has always been interested in technology. Although he got his start in healthcare working at CR Bard, he founded healthcare IT startup Dialog Medical in 2001. It automated the patient informed consent process. Ten years later, Standard Register acquired the business, which by then had $5 million in annual revenue.

He used the money from that deal to start Lightshed Health in 2012, which produced Clockwise.MD. It has grown to serve more than 900 urgent care and convenient care facilities, with much of that growth in the past year. Despite bootstrapping his previous company, Burke wanted to secure venture backing so he could build out the sales and marketing team to adequately serve the needs of customers.

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Burke said the Atlanta-based company plans to add at least six to eight staff in the short term. Half of the staff it is hiring will be in sales and marketing and the other half will be developers.

“Rapid growth has strained our operations so I needed to make hires to continue to deliver the level of service our customers expect.”

Some of the funding has been allocated to product development. Its health system customers want Burke and his team to expand ClockwiseMD to calculate wait times in other areas, such as labs, imaging and primary care practices.


Jordan Lipson