Investment Stage

We focus on Growth Stage and De Novo ventures to invest (or-co-invest) our capital, operational expertise and time to ensure that the companies that should succeed, indeed do succeed. 

Our screening criteria for Growth stage companies include the following:

  • At least $2 million of annual recurring revenue (ARR)

  • 50% growth year over year

  • Healthcare technology enabled services and SaaS-based businesses that do not require FDA or regulatory approval (we don't invest in devices, pharma, or biotech)

  • A reasonable valuation that is justified by revenue or market multiples



Investment Size

For early-stage companies with strong growth potential, our general goal is to initially invest between $1 million, and $3 million.



Capital Under Management

Our firm has funded more than 30 companies since inception, and we currently have more than 18 active portfolio companies. We operate as a family office, and our limited partner consists of family and friends. We do not raise outside institutional capital.


If you have an investment opportunity you believe would be a good fit for our firm, please contact Jordan Lipson, Investment Team Associate at