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Founder And Chairman

Charlie is the Founder and Chairman of Martin Ventures, a Nashville-based investment company. Charlie has over 50 years of experience operating large, complex healthcare systems. At Martin Ventures, he serves as Chairman. He is dedicated to building and investing in healthcare technology, healthcare services, and healthcare technology-enabled services companies that optimize existing healthcare provider businesses, develop new and innovative models of care, and empower the healthcare consumer.

Charlie has been praised as one of the most successful serial CEOs in hospital management. His successes include building de novo hospitals, acquiring and improving for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals, and leading sustained periods of rapid growth in revenues, earnings, EPS, and shareholder value as Chairman and CEO of numerous hospital companies. His additional experience as an entrepreneur and investor in diverse healthcare sectors includes ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, and cancer centers, among others.

Early in Charlie’s career, he helped launch General Care Corp, which started as a nursing home firm. Serving as the Chief Operating Officer and Director, he changed the company to an acute hospital company that Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) acquired for $78 million in 1980.

After General Care Corp. was acquired, Charlie joined HCA as Executive Vice President and Board Director for ten years. During his tenure, he was responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions, including taking HCA from 140 owned or managed hospitals to over 200 hospitals, and held contracts to manage 200 more.

In 1987 while serving as EVP and Board Director of HCA, Charlie and several colleagues agreed to spin out 104 underperforming hospitals from HCA. This ultimately turned into a healthcare company called HealthTrust Inc. Charlie served as President, Chief Operating Officer, and Board Director of HealthTrust Inc. He oversaw the 104 hospitals’ operations, including increasing hospital operating margins from low teens to low teens by over 20% in one year. After the operating margins were north of 20%, HealthTrust Inc. went public in 1991 and in 1994 was ultimately acquired by HCA in a stock-for-stock transaction valued at $3.6 billion.

After HealthTrust Inc. rejoined HCA, Charlie bought the hospital chain Republic Health when it went bankrupt in 1992 and built a new healthcare system called OrNda Healthcare Corp. Under Charlie’s leadership as chairman and CEO, OrNda grew from revenues of $450 million to $3 billion in four years. OrNda became the nation’s third-largest investor-owned hospital chain with 53 hospitals and eventually sold to Tenet Healthcare Corp. in 1997 for $3.2 billion.

After selling OrNda HealthCorp. to Tenet Healthcare Corp., Charlie founded another healthcare system called Vanguard Health Systems in 1998. Charlie served as Vanguard’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO for sixteen years. In August 2004, the Blackstone Group acquired two-thirds of Vanguard’s equity. The deal valued Vanguard, which had 16 hospitals, at $1.75 billion. Under his leadership, the hospital chain grew from 0 to 28 hospitals, with $6.5 billion in revenue. In 2011 Vanguard went public and, in 2013, was acquired by Tenet Healthcare for $4.3 billion.

Charlie’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to healthcare have also led him to serve on numerous Boards of Directors, including the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Law and Rand Health, one of the world’s largest independent health research groups. In addition, his extensive experience and experience in the healthcare industry have made him a sought-after advisor and mentor to healthcare entrepreneurs and investors. Charlie’s legacy in the healthcare industry is marked by his leadership in transforming healthcare delivery and his commitment to investing in and supporting innovative healthcare solutions.



Acquired by AmericanWell

Ovia Health:

Investor. Acquired by LabCorp in August 2021.

Contessa Health:

Investor. Acquired by Amedisys in July 2021.


Recapitalized by Primus Capital

One Drop:

Recapitalized by Bayer


Investor. $742 million IPO in September 2020.

Medical Properties of America:

Investor. Acquired by Montecito in August 2020.


Acquired by HCA


Investor. Recapitalized by Investors in August 2019.

Chiron Health:

Acquired by Medici

Enterprise Solutions:

Acquired by Management


Investor. Acquired by Investor Syndicate in December 2018.

General Care Corp:

Director, President, and COO.
Acquired by HCA in 1980.

Healthcare Bluebook:

Acquired by Primus Capital in 2017


Acquired by DocuTAB (now Experity) in 2017


Acquired by Avizia in 2017

Care Team Connect:

Acquired by the Advisory Board in 2013.


Acquired by Kohlberg & Company in 2011.

Symbion Healthcare:

Investor. IPO in 2003.
Acquired by Crestview Partners for $637M in 2007.


Investor. IPO in 2000.

Vanguard Health Systems:

Founder, Chairman, and CEO.
IPO in 2011.
Acquired by Tenet for $4.3 billion in 2013.

OrNda HealthCorp:

Chairman, President, and CEO.
IPO in 1995.
Acquired by Tenet for $1.7 billion in 1997.

HealthTrust, Inc:

President, COO, and Board Director.
Spun-out from HCA in 1987.
IPO in 1991. Sold back to Columbia/HCA in 1995.


Executive Vice President and Board Director.