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Active Portfolio

Ambience AutoScribe is a fully automated AI medical scribe that captures the nuances of clinician-patient conversation in real-time into a comprehensive note.

Artera Health provides a unified communications platform for providers and health systems to facilitate an enhanced digital patient experience.

BEKHealth brings more accurate and automated trial feasibility and patient trial matching.

Cadence is a pioneering health technology company helping the nation’s largest health systems deliver world-class care outside of the hospital’s four walls.

CodaMetrix is a multi-specialty coding AI-platform that translates clinical information into accurate sets of medical codes for patient care and revenue cycle processes, from fee-for-service to value-based care models.

Evergreen helps nephrologists focus on the right patients at the right time across the full care spectrum.

Greater Good Health provides nurse practitioners access to technology tools to enhance scheduling, analytics, access point of care tools, and wellness resources to help prevent burnout.

Harbor Health provides same-day appointments, virtual appointments, and accessible clinic locations with many more healthcare facilities, providing people with round-the-clock health and medical services.

Hashed Health is a venture studio that partners with top founders, enterprises and VCs to build advantaged startups that represent the future of healthcare.

Livara, is a neck and back rehab therapy solution focused on the prevention, treatment, and recovery of spinal conditions. Livara’s mission is to help clients decrease unnecessary surgery, injections, and narcotics while improving patient outcomes.

Medici’s telehealth app is designed for medical providers, with custom features built in; HIPAA compliant voice, video and messaging, in-app billing, and ePrescribe.

Memora Health helps clinicians focus on top-of-license practice while proactively engaging patients along complex care journeys.

Mployer Advisor enables employers to find the best benefits and insurance for their unique needs at a competitive price.

OncoLens delivers innovative solutions for tumor board management, survivorship care planning, accreditation and quality improvement.

Override ​​provides integrated, comprehensive, evidence-based, and patient-centered care for chronic pain.

Peer Supply is designed to make healthcare’s supply chains more efficient, more resilient, and more patient-focused.

Peregrine health enables healthcare providers to offer specialized psychiatric and behavioral health services via telehealth.

Procredex is a digital marketplace solution for credentialing professionals that allows member healthcare organizations to share securely, exchange, and monetize their credential verification data.

ReadiVet’s mobile vet services trade the waiting room for your living room, so your pet can stay out of the clinic and enjoy the comfort of their own couch.

Regent Surgical Health is a leader in developing and managing successful surgery center partnerships between hospitals and physicians.

Reimagine Care partners with healthcare systems and independent oncologists to support value-based oncology care delivery in the community setting.

StationMD is a telehealth medical service that offers immediate virtual access to board-certified physicians specifically trained in the care of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

SubjectWell is a patient recruitment platform designed to deliver highly qualified referrals for clinical trials.

Synapticure aims to provide neurodegenerative patients, starting with ALS, access to the best care while fueling the advancement of personalized treatments for every type of ALS.

Trilliant Health is an analytics and data science company that empowers healthcare providers to create and execute data-driven strategies to maximize revenue and expanded market share.

Upfront’s data engine examines clinical, sociodemographic, and patient-reported data to effectively engage patients, ensure they receive necessary care, and foster a significant connection between the patient and their healthcare system.

Valar Labs offers assistance services for cancer treatment through Artificial Intelligence.

Wellvana helps primary care physicians, specialists, health systems, and payors transition from volume-based healthcare (fee-for-service) to value-based care delivery.


Zus aims to bring about a better health data reality by empowering a wave of new, digital-first healthcare builders who will create digital health technologies and services that are cheaper, more customizable and more personalized.



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Acquired by DocuTAP (now Experity)

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Acquired by JMI Equity

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Recapitalized by Great Point Partners

Acquired by Montecito and other real estate investors

Recapitalized by Bayer

Acquired by LabCorp

Recapitalized by WindRose Health Investors


Acquired by HCA