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Chief Executive Officer

Devin Carty is a scientist, founder/entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. He’s worked as a biologist and biochemist with NASA, built medical clinics as a missionary in the jungles of Congo, Africa, and built healthcare companies as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and hospital system executive.    

Devin is CEO of Martin Ventures, a healthcare-focused venture capital firm, where he leads the investments and incubation of new healthcare companies. He provides oversight for over 30 portfolio companies while serving on the boards of Wellvana (co-founder and Chairman), Reimagine Care (co-founder and Chairman), Trilliant (co-founder and former Chairman), Livara, OncoLens, Mployer, StationMD, Override, Peer Supply, Peregrine Health, and Hashed Health. His historical investments include SubjectWell (recapitalized by Windrose), Ludi (recapitalized by GPP), Ovia (acquired by LabCorp), Contessa (acquired by Amedisys for $250 million), AmericanWell (IPO at $6.5 billion), OneDrop (recapitalized by Bayer Pharma), Valify (acquired by HCA Healthcare), Trilliant Health (recapitalized by Primus Capital), Jvion (acquired by JMI Equity), Avizia (acquired by AmericanWell), Healthcare Bluebook (acquired by Primus Capital), and ClockwiseMD (acquired by DocuTAP).

Prior to Martin Ventures, Devin was a healthcare system executive. He was the corporate chief talent officer and chief strategy officer for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Prior to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Devin was at Vanguard Health Systems, serving as the corporate chief experience officer and chief marketing officer. He was part of the leadership team that grew Vanguard to 29 hospitals, 46,000 employees, and $6.5 billion in revenue. Vanguard had a public offering in 2011 and sold to Tenet for $4.3 billion in 2013.

Prior to Vanguard Health Systems, Devin was in management consulting. Devin was a Partner, leading the healthcare team for Gallup Consulting. He was a trusted advisor to some leading healthcare systems (Cleveland Clinic, Henry Ford Health System, Catholic Healthcare Partners, HCA, Tenet, Vanguard, etc.) on strategy, M&A, and organic growth.

Devin began his career as a scientist, biologist, and biochemist with NASA. His research centered around the effects of vibration on bacterial growth and antibiotic resistance.

As a passion, Devin served as a medical missionary in Congo, Africa, where he traveled through jungles building clinics to provide medical care in underserved villages.