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Mployer Advisor Raises Growth Capital, Brings Transparency to the Employer Insurance Brokerage Search


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As Published in PRNewswire, December 2, 2020 NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mployer Advisor announces a nationwide launch of its employer-centric marketplace that revolutionizes the way employers search, evaluate, and select insurance brokers. Mployer Advisor's platform empowers organizations to drive more informed decisions via unprecedented transparency in the insurance brokerage industry. Martin Ventures led the financing, with participation from well-known healthcare industry executives including Hal Andrews, Scott MacKenzie, and Jeff Pate. "The selection of an insurance broker is a critical, but often overlooked, decision that impacts healthcare cost and employee satisfaction more than the choice of an insurance carrier," said Brian Freeman, founder and CEO, Mployer Advisor. "Our goal is to provide employers with actionable analytics to evaluate and select the best insurance advisor for their company's unique needs." The Mployer Advisor platform includes two exclusive features for employers to use when evaluating brokers: The industry's first insurance brokerage rating system, M Score, that uses proprietary algorithms to generate an unbiased score based on a brokerage's range of experience. Over 25,000 reviews of insurance brokerages consolidated in one location. "Thousands of businesses already use Mployer Advisor to research and evaluate brokers," said Devin Carty, CEO of Martin Ventures. "We are excited about Mployer Advisor's growth potential and see the company at the forefront of creating a new marketplace to benefit both employers and insurance advisors." Insurance brokers facilitate over $1T of annual employer spend on health and property and casualty (P&C) insurance each year. Additionally, businesses spend more than $100B on insurance brokerage fees and commissions annually. Mployer Advisor's vision is to enable employers to make informed decisions that affect their most valuable asset - their employees - while simplifying the historically chaotic and time-consuming process of evaluating and selecting insurance brokers. Mployer Advisor was founded in 2019 by Brian Freeman to address the inefficiencies that he had observed in the health insurance brokerage market. "We are providing a trusted, free-to-use marketplace for businesses to access information on brokers, while also providing these same brokers with an opportunity to tell their story and grow their online presence through premium subscriber membership plans," said Freeman. "And with the M Score, we are putting analytics to work for employers to make more informed insurance choices based on their specific requirements, company size, and industry. We see it as a win-win for the industry." About Mployer Advisor Mployer Advisor is changing the way employers search, evaluate and select insurance advisors. Our goal is to connect employers and employees to great benefits and insurance. We do this by providing employers with actionable data to easily evaluate and select the best advisor for a company's unique needs. Learn more at LINK TO ARTICLE